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RSS Planning Applications

  • P171393/FH - Full Householder 27th April 2017
    Verdun Cottage Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4SL, Proposed extension and alterations. , Determination Made
  • P171510/F - Planning Permission 26th April 2017
    The Dairy, Brockhampton Offices Brockhampton Herefordshire HR1 4SE, Change of use of residential part of property to offices with removal of ensuite. Additional parking at village hall. , Determination Made
  • P170918/F - Planning Permission 10th March 2017
    Brockhampton Court Nursing Home Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed single storey general storage building , Determination Made
  • P163842/F - Planning Permission 6th February 2017
    Land at Seabournes Much Fawley Herefordshire HR1 4SP, One proposed shepherds hut, to be used as ancillary family/guest accommodation and for paying guest holiday accommodation (b and b type). , Determination Made
  • P170162/F - Planning Permission 25th January 2017
    The Potting Shed, Seabournes Much Fawley Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Proposed reconstruction of The Potting Shed to provide holiday accommodation. , Determination Made
  • P162092/FH - Full Householder 4th July 2016
    The Furlongs Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4SA, Refurbishment and extension of the existing dwelling and replacement of existing outbuildings to create workshop and studio space. , Determination Made
  • P160724/F - Planning Permission 8th March 2016
    Brockhampton Court Nursing Home Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed addition of new lift and entrance hall to each of 3 former nurses homes and change of use to three sheltered housing units. , Determination Made
  • P153140/F - Planning Permission 21st October 2015
    Brockhampton Court Nursing Home Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed new boiler room and fuel store.(Retrospective) , Determination Made
  • P152816/FH - Full Householder 7th October 2015
    The Old Thatched Cottage Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed erection of an oak framed garage and workshop. , Determination Made
  • P152537/FH - Full Householder 24th August 2015
    Totnor Forge Totnor Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TJ, Proposed restoration of existing dwelling including removal of rear lean to structure and proposed two storey side extension. , Determination Made
  • P130911/F - Planning Permission 15th January 2015
    Caplor Farm Fownhope Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4PT, Retention of 4 residential caravans/chalets to support diversified agricultural business. , Determination Made
  • P143557/F - Planning Permission 19th December 2014
    Brockhampton Cricket Club Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed removal of existing cricket pavilion and club room and associated structures and construction of a replacement two-storey pavilion with re-landscaping of the site to form two screened parking areas and a nets area , Determination Made
  • P143594/L - Listed Building Consent 28th November 2014
    The Old Church Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposal to re-instate a garden (boundary) wall. , Determination Made
  • P143446/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 20th November 2014
    The Pump House Totnor Brockhampton Herefordshire HR1 4TJ, Proposed alterations to agricultural building, Determination Made
  • P143131/FH - Full Householder 11th November 2014
    The Old Church Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Proposed reinstatement of boundary wall. , Determination Made
  • P143290/F - Planning Permission 3rd November 2014
    Parlours Barn Brockhampton Herefordshire HR1 4SE, Proposed alternative arrangement of parking area. , Appeal Determined
  • P142334/F - Planning Permission 19th August 2014
    Brockhampton Court Nursing Home Brockhampton Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4TQ, Variation of a condition number 2 of planning permission 121083/F (Proposed extension to residential care home, new nurses accommodationand sheltered housing units with garaging) Reorientation of the building, changes to windows style and pattern, eaves height and roof pitch and porch design. , Determination Made
  • P141750/AM - Non Material Amendment 13th June 2014
    Brockhampton Court Brockhampton Hereford HR1 4TQ, Non-material amendment to Planning application 131759/F , Determination Made
  • P141595/FH - Full Householder 27th May 2014
    Leybourne House Fawley Hereford Herefordshire HR1 4SP, Proposed conversion of detached garage to provide ancillary accommodation (grandad annex) together with the erection of a detached storage building for garden machinery, bicycles, etc , Determination Made
  • P141341/T - Telecom Developments 8th May 2014
    Openreach telegraph poles at Blacksmiths Cottage to Llanstephan Cottages Totnor Herefordshire HR1 4TJ, Openreach for BT NGA Fibre Broadband work (less than 9 m away from watercourse) , Determination Made