Minutes 14th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held at
Brockhampton Parish Hall on 14th May 2018

Members Present
Paul Scull (PS) Paul Stather-Hooper (PSH)
Neil Parker (NP) Christopher Allen (CA)
John Hudson (JH)
Barry Durkin (Ward Member)
Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

18/32 Election of Chairperson
Resolved: to elect Paul Scull as Chairperson.
PS signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office
18/33 Election of Vice-chairperson
Resolved: to elect Paul Stather-Hooper as Vice-chairperson
18/34 Apologies for Absence
18/35 Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
18/36 Minutes of the Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meetings of 12th March 2018 as a drafted
18/37 Updates on Previous Action Points
Broadband – PS had given an update at the Parish Meeting that Fastershire had tendered the next phase of the roll.
Defibrillator – Clerk to contact Community Heartbeat Trust to obtain full cost estimate and details of electrical requirements.
18/38 Report for Ward Councillor
Cllr Durkin spoke to his monthly Ward Report which had been sent to members. There were no questions for Cllr Durkin from the members
18/39 Items Raised at the Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting had been held immediately prior to the Parish Council Meeting. There were no actions for the Parish Council arising from it.
18/40 Representations from the Public
18/41 Finance
a. Report from FWG.
The FWG had met and reviewed the internal control document, risk assessment and asset register.
b. Requirements for Audit
It was noted that as the Parish Council’s turnover was less than £25,000 it was able to certify that it was exempt from Limited Assurance Review by the external auditor.
c. Certification of Exemption From Limited Assurance Review.
Resolved: To certify that the Parish Council satisfies the requirements for exemption from Limited Assurance Review by the internal auditor
d. Internal Auditor’s Report.
It was noted that the internal auditor had found the Parish Council’s procedures and records to be in accordance with proper practices.
e. Annual Governance Statement
Resolved: to complete the Annual Governance Statement confirming that all individual statements had been complied with.
f. Annual Accounting Statement
The Annual Accounting Statement had been completed by the Clerk and sent to members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: to approved the Annual Accounting Statement as prepared
g. Current Financial Position
It was noted that the cashbook as at 31/03/2018 showed the following balances
Current Account NatWest £3,696.65
Current Account Co-Op £500.00
Deposit Account £1,121.20
The latest bank Statements as at 31/03/2018 showed the following balances
Current Account NatWest £4,621.14
Current Account Co-Op £500.00
Deposit Account Nat West £1,121.20
The Cashbook and a bank reconciliation had been sent to members prior to the meeting
h. Invoices and payments
Resolved: to approves the payments set out in the Payment Schedule
i. Payments Since the Last Meeting
18/42 Insurance Provider
Three quotations had been sort.
Resolved: to accept the quote from Inspire via Came and Co.
18/43 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
a. Report on Progress.
The Clerk reported that a number of templates had been received for various documents that the PC will need to put in place and these will be brought forward for adoption over the next few meetings and that an audit of the data currently held was being undertaken. It was noted that the Government had recently confirmed that small parish councils were not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer.
b. Adoption of Policies and Documents
Resolved: to adopt policies based on templates provided. A Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice to be considered for adoption at the next meeting with other documents considered at the September meeting.
c. Appointment of Data Protection Compliance Officer.
Resolved: to appoint the Clerk as Data Protection Compliance Officer
18/44 Highways and Footpaths
a. Report on Highways and PRoW
Resolved: to sign the contract with Herefordshire Council for the Lengthsman and P3 Services
b. Lengthsman Works
No specific works beyond the regular tasks were identified.
c. Defects to be Reported.
No new defects identified.
18/45 Planning
a. New Applications
b. Recent Decisions by Herefordshire Council
18/46 Correspondence
Correspondence had been forwarded prior to the meeting.
18/47 Supporting Information
All supporting information was noted
18/48 Items for the Next Agenda

Payments Approved at the meeting 14th May 2018
Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman works £59.00
E. Parry-Jones, stationery and travel expenses £28.96
William Dereham, new laptop set up £40.00