Minutes 9th December 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 9th December 2019 At Brockhampton Village Hall

Attending; Cllrs B. Durkin (Chairman) C. Allen,B. Morris and T. Gaunt
One member of the public. The clerk Linda Yapp

1), To Receive apologies for absence. All members attended.

2) ,To receive declaration of interest and dispensation. None received

3), The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 21st October 2019 were approved as a true record of proceedings.

4) Election a Vice Chairman, Cllr Bernard Morris was proposed and seconded as Vice Chairman.

5,) To receive representations from the public. None were received

6), To receive Ward Councillors report.
Councillor Durkin Summarise some points of his Ward report main points being
the prospect of improve Broadband in January 2020, also the Veteran’s centre in
Hereford also the promotion of awareness of scams.

7), Financial report-;
a) The Bank state was reported by the Clerk as having on overall Balance of
£8302.10 this figure includes the current reserve and co-op bank accounts.

b) The Precept to be requested for 2020-2021. After discussion it was agreed to request £3900.00 this being a small increase on previous years to allow the
Parish Council to make improvements to the Parish these being an additional
Notice board, grit bins,andadditional time for the lengthsmans duties .

8), To consider planning application.
193426, Caplor Farmhouse, Fownhope.
The replacement of 2 existing unauthorised windows and retention of existing
utility room extension.Closed no comments received.

9) Co-option of Parish Councillor
To be an agenda item for the next meeting.

10), To discuss working groups, PROW and Footpaths,
As item 9 to be an agenda item for the next meeting.

11), Any Correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting.

12), Village Hall Business
The Parish Council agreed that Cllr C. Allen would continue be the
representative for the Village Hall Committee. Both Cllrs Durkin and Allen had
researched matters relating to the Village Hall prior to the meeting.
It was agreed a letter to be sent to Mr P Clay confirming Cllr Allen’s
will continue to stand as the Parish Councils member on the Village Hall
Committee and that he would like to attend the next Village Hall
Committee meeting. The clerk to ask to be informed of the next Committee

13)GDPR . The documents are to be completed by the Clerk.

14), Invoices for payment listed below.

William Dereham £105.00 IT correction
Eyelids Product £30.00 Web Site input
Jeremy Moore £59.00 Lengthsman
L Yapp £252.34 Clerk salary

The above payments were approved and cheques signed by
Cllrs Durkin and Allen.

15) Items for next meeting’s agenda

Co-option member.
Working Groups
Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations
Village Hall
Church Donation