Minutes 5th October 2020

Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council ZOOM meeting held on
5th October 7.30pm
Attending; Cllrs; B Morris (BM) C Allen (CA) T Gaunt (TG) and R Garnett (RG)
Also attending 4 members of the public
Clerk Linda Yapp

1) To Receive apologies for absence.
Apologies received from Cllr; B Durkin.

2) Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting held on 3rd August. 2020.
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed, proposed by CA seconded TG.

3) To receive declaration of interest and dispensation.
None received.

4) Update on needs survey.
a) RG reported that he had made progress on the needs survey and this would be ready for the next meeting

b) Noticeboard quotation.
The clerk had received the quotations for both notice boards. D Yates was the most acceptable with the cost of the noticeboard opposite the church at £432.00 with a suggested £36.00 PA maintenance fee. The second noticeboard situated in the Parish hall grounds a cost of £66.00 was quoted. Both quotations were agreed and accepted. Clerk to ask Mr Yates to carry out the refurbishments.

c) Smart water
The clerk had contacted Ali Thompson (West Mercia Police contact) for further information regarding the purchase of smart water and possible funding. Mark Wood advised that a grant scheme is available if the Parish as a whole are involved in the use of Smart Water.

5) To receive Ward Councillors report.
Not yet received from BD

6) To receive Report from PFO
RW footpath officer had submitted a very comprehensive report and had also contacted the land owners and farmers where he had concerns at the problems caused by the farm vehicles that bordered bridle paths and footpaths. RG will also contact the farmer/landowners where there are concerns asking for this to be attended to asap the seasonal work had impacted on these problems.

RW also recorded and reported on the need to replace a stile and a gate it was agreed that the gate was impossible to open. The Parish Council will put this as an item for the Precept meeting in November. Other works BBLP need to be contacted to ask for a progress report.

(Parish Councillors have copies of RW report for reference and more defined detail)

7) To receive representation from the public.
None received.

8) To receive Financial report-;
a) Balances at the Bank,
The combined Bank balance was reported as £9,252.89 after this month’s payments.

The clerk reported that she estimated about £1,300.00 expense would be incurred before the end of the financial year. This figure included payment of the refurbishment of the noticeboards.

b) Expense against budget summary.
All expenses were within budget.

c) Forth coming years budget considerations.
The chairman suggested member consider what funds would be needed for the next Precept request.

A donation to the cricket Club was suggested as this had previously been made.

CA to address this. RG and TG are awaiting confirmation of cheque signing authorisation from Nat West Bank removing P Scull and P Stather-Hooper.

9) To consider any planning applications.
None received to date

10) Correspondence
Any correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting.

The correspondence received were briefly discussed and one email received was advise not a Parish Council matter but a Police matter. Parishioner to be advised.

11) Report from Parish Hall Liaison group.
CA reported on the recent Parish Hall Liaison group meeting in which quotations had been received for the works needed to the Hall.

Several quotations had been received and one for £22,00.00 to replace and carry out repairs to the roof was agreed to be the most satisfactory.CA was confident with the company chosen. CA had also received quotations to spray and make good the tennis courts. Repairs are needed to the hall floor owing to rising damp and
other defects noted in reports made from contractors.

CA had been advised by Paul Compton on the security of the hall. He advised that the boundary hedge be lowered to allow better visibility of the premises.

12) B4224
The clerk reported she had made enquiries for the hedge and grass verges to be cut to assist visibility at the Gurney’s Oak junction to the B4224.

13) Invoices for payment listed
HALC Web Hosting £66.00
J Moore Lengthsman £177.00
Eyelid Products Accessibility web update £100.00
Game and Co Insurance cover £218.00
Mrs L Yapp Salary & HALC ph inc £344.10
Mrs L Yapp Clerks home office payment £50.00 ½ year (auth BD) 2019

14) Items for next meeting’s agenda. 7th December 2020

  • Precept to be requested from H.C. (finance meeting to be held in November)
  • Unofficial roadside furniture concerns.
  • Speed limit in Brockhampton.

The meeting closed at 8.15. the chairman thanked all for attending.