Minutes 29 June 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at
Brockhampton Parish Hall on 29th June 2015

Members Present                      Attending
Richard Garnett (RG)              Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk
Christopher Allen (CA)           Ward Cllr Barry-Durkin
Paul Scull (PS)                         3 members of the public
Paul Stather-Hooper (PSH)
John Hudson (JH)
Neil Parker (NP)

25/15 Election of Chairman
RG chaired the meeting for this item
Resolved: to elect Paul Scull as Chairman
PS signed a declaration of acceptance of office as Chairman and took the Chair

26/15 Election of Vice-Chair
Resolved: to elect Neil Parker as Vice-Chair

27/15 Apologies for Absence

28/15 Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
JH declared an other interest in item 17

29/15 Thanks to former Parish Council
Members unanimously expressed their thanks and appreciation to the members of the previous Parish Council

30/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Copies of the minutes of the meeting of 27th April were circulated. It was noted that as there are only two members of the previous Parish Council remaining it is not possible to approve these minutes.
Resolved: to consider the minutes of 27th April and bring any questions to the next meeting

31/15 Updates on Action Points

32/15 Report from Ward Cllr Durkin
Cllr Durkin reported
• He has been appointed as Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny (O&S) Committee and sits on the AONB group and Courtyard Trust.
• The Buttermarket in Hereford has been sold and a contribution of £2.5M towards improvements in High Town has been achieved
• Three Elms Trading Estate has been bought by HC and will be improved
• Halo’s refurbishment of Ross swimming pool and Hereford Leisure Centre will be completed by the end of July
• A review of HC small holdings estate is being carried out. Any interested parties are encouraged to write to the O&S Committee with their views.
• A tour of the Old Gore road network with the Balfour Beatty Locality Steward will take place on 30th June.
A member asked why so much loose stone is left after roads have been resurfaced and why signs are not collected. Cllr Durkin to obtain answers

33/15 Representations from the Public

34/15 Topics to be considered during 2015/16
Resolved: to consider the following at future meetings:
• Measures to improve community spirit
• Means of effective communication with residents
• Neighbourhood Development Plan
35/15 Appointments
Resolved: to appoint PSH to monitor financial matters (the role to be circulated through the year) and JH to have responsibility for Highways and Footpath issues

36/15 Meeting Dates, times and venue
Resolved: to agree the schedule of proposed meeting dates, see below. Meetings to be held at the Parish Hall beginning at 7.30pm

37/15 Requirement to publish information on a website
It was noted that it is now a requirement for the Parish Council to publish certain information on a website. It was noted that there is an existing village website but that it may not suitable for the Parish Council’s purposes. PS to gather cost and production information. JH to speak to the webmaster of the existing village site
Resolved: to consider commissioning a new website at the next meeting

38/15 Policies and Procedures
It was noted that the existing policies and procedures should be reviewed. Clerk to provide copies of existing documents and templates of proposed new ones.
Resolved: to consider at the next meeting

39/15 Finance
i) Current bank balance and financial update
It was noted that the bank balances as at 29/05/15 were:
NatWest Current Account £5,781.90
NatWest Reserve Account £1,120.15
Co-Op Bank Account £500.00
A copy of the cash book showing payments and receipts to date had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: Investment options to be considered
ii) Bank Signatories
Resolved: all members, Paul Scull, Neil Parker, Christopher Allen, John Hudson and Paul Stather-Hooper, to be authorised signatories two of whom to sign all cheques
Clerk to obtain Mandate and provide to all.
iii) Invoices and Payments
Resolved: to approve the payments in the schedule below

40/15 Planning
i) New Applications
ii) Applications Previously considered
iii) Recent Decisions by Herefordshire Council

41/15 Highways
i) Annual Management Plan.
AMP Noted.
Resolved: to consider joining the P3 Scheme at the next meeting
ii) Volunteer Way Warden.
Sue Johnson had previously volunteered. JH to liaise with her
iii) Defects to be Reported to Balfour Beatty
Loose grit at Mayfield Farm, grass verge needs cutting at Gurney’s Oak junction

42/15 Agenda Information and Correspondence
The supplementary information and correspondence was noted

Payments approved at meeting 29th June 2015

HALC Annual subscription £253.91
Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Annual registration fee £35.00
HMRC PAYE 06/04/15 – 05/07/15 £84.40
E Parry-Jones Additional pay 01/05/2015 – 30/06/15 due to increase previously agreed £4.80
Herefordshire Council Return of payments made to the PC in error £2,580.50

Meeting Dates 2015/16
Monday September 7th
Monday November 2nd
Monday January 11th
Monday March 7th
Monday May 9th