Minutes 27th April 2020

Minutes of the virtual meeting held on Monday 27th April 2020 Meeting commenced at 11.30am

Members attending

Also attending


Cllrs; Barry Durkin (BD) Chairman

Clerk Linda Yapp

Christopher Allen (CA)

Tim Gaunt ( TG)

2 members of the public

Bernard Morris ( BM)

1), To Receive apologies for absence. None received all members participated.

2) , To receive declaration of interest and dispensation. None received.

3), To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 10th February 2020 The minutes of the previous meeting were approved unanimously as a true record of proceedings

4,) To receive Ward Councillors report.

The Ward Councillor’s report is circulated on receipt to members.

BD Outlined points of his report including the information circulated regarding the Covid 19 measures in place from Hereford Council, also the progress on the B4224 repairs

in Fownhope,
5), Financial report-;
a) Balances at Banks
The current account balance at the year ending 31/03/2020 £6169.62
The reserve account balance also at the year ending 31/01/2020 £1124.84
Total funds available as at the year end. £7294.46

The clerk suggested that the £500 transfer from the co-op bank into the current account should be transferred to the reserve account when possible.

b) Spend against budgeted figure 2019/2020

The clerk explained the expenditure against the budgeted figure which at the year end had underspent on most categories due to the Parish Council not functioning until August 2019.

Also reported was the financial position for the new financial year £8666.35 2020-2021 which includes the precept received and payments due.

6) To consider planning application. None had been received.

7), Correspondence

a) Correspondence in the main forwarded prior to the meeting.

b) Received from Brigadier R Walker. NB this was received on the day prior to the meeting.

Brigadier Walker’s letter raised several issues which were addressed.

1) The lack of communication to the public regarding the virtual meeting. The clerk explained the technology was new to her and members. Also, the difficulties

around updating information onto the website. This was being addressed.

2) The question of Airband. No progress had been made so far. BD will continue to contact Airband for an update on the progress

3) The pothole. P.C. again offer support but this is not a P.C. issue.

4) The Lenghtman’s cost were queried. The clerk addressed this confirming that there

are detailed work sheets attached to the invoices presented for payment. Unfortunately without a footpath officer it is impossible monitor the jobs in detail.

CA. reported his concerns at the lack of visibility on a stretch of the B4224 at the junction of Gurneys Oak. The grass and hedge were in need of cutting back to allow better visibility to vehicles joining the B4224. Clerk to advise BBLP.

5) The website this was covered in item 1.

6) The cancellation of the Annual Parish meeting was not a decision made by the Parish Council it is within the government edict.

7) The increase in the precept was again questioned, BD explained his way forward for the Parish which would involve parishioners replying to a need survey putting in place these additions that would most benefit the Parish.

8 ) The Village Hall situation.

Letters had been sent to the holding trustees of the village hall. As of 27th April no replies had been received . The clerk had emailed Mr and Mrs Hudson regarding the annual village hall committee meeting which was due at take place at the end of March. No response was received.

It was suggested by a member of the public that the Charities Commission should

be approached regarding the inactivity of the village hall committee. BD will investigate.

9), Invoices for payment listed below.

The invoices were approved for payment and would be signed at the first opportunity.

The cheques to be signed by.BD and CA.

10) To discuss furthering the needs survey

BD outlined the needs survey which had been circulated to councillors. Most suggestions were agreed with the exception of additional noticeboards. BD commented there was no noticeboard in Much Fawley

11) Parish Council noticeboard. (The need to refurbish)

It was agreed that the notice board by the Church needed attention, the clerk and CA will obtain quotations for the work. Three are needed.

12 Annual Parish Meeting (Postponed until May 2021)

As reported in correspondence 7.6 this is unable to take place this year due to Covid 19 restrictions..

13) Items for next meeting’s agenda

The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for 8th June a virtual meeting. Any change will be notified and the time confirmed.

The clerk to set fixed dates for future meeting being the second Monday of alternate months (June August October and December 2020)

Payments to be made
Jeremy Moore £118.00 Lengthsman Jan Mar
L Yapp £252.34 Clerk salary Feb and March
L Yapp £126.17 Clerk Salary April
L Yapp Paid on behalf Naked Creative £81.60 I.T assistance/training

Meeting closed at 12.40pm