Minutes 21st October 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held at Brockhampton Village Hall on Monday 21st October 2019 at 8.00pm

Cllrs; Barry Durkin, Tim Gaunt and Bernard Morris.
The Clerk Linda Yapp 1 member of the public,

1, To Receive apologies for absence None were received prior to the meeting.

2 , To receive declaration of interest and dispensation. None were received.

3, To approve minutes of the last meeting, The minutes of a previous meeting held on the 5th August 2019 were agreed to be a true record of the proceedings by members.

4, To receive representations from the public. None were received.

5, To receive Ward Councillors report. This has been circulated to members and is to be made available on the web site.

6, Financial report-;
a) The balances at the co-operative Bank known to date is £500.00
The balance of the Nat West current account as per bank statement is £8190.39
The balance of the reserve account as per bank statement is £1123.71.
b) Discussionregarding the balance of the co-operative Bank, members agreed the account to be closed at a later date. No statement has been received this financial year.
The clerk has requested a current statementfrom both banks.

7 To consider planning applications (None received)

8, To discuss working groups,
a) PROW and footpaths. A member of the community has shown an interest in
continuing with the duties of a PROW member.
Mrs Gabriel Hudson Smith had previously attended to PROW duties the clerk


or Cllr: C,Allen to contact the parishioner willing to continue with the PROW
duties for the Parish.

9 Correspondence have been forwarded prior to meeting.

10 GDPR. Cllr T. Gaunt will forward updates and documents to the clerk.

11 Invoices for payment listed below.

Mr Jeremey Moore Lengthsman £236.00
HALC Invoice H451 on query £292.942 invoicesnot paid
Mrs L Yapp Sal incl rate adjustment £347.00 From Aug
Brockhampton Church Donation £300..00 2018/19
Discussion arose regarding the donation to the church and an invoice from HALC
The clerk will contact HALC regarding the invoice H451 charging for 2 web domains.
No agreement was made regarding future donations to the up keep of the Church Yard.

12 Report from Parish Council Summit reference to slide 29 and pc experiences
. No comments were made to this item

13 Items for next meeting’s agenda.

• Standing Orders
• Code of Conduct
• Village Hall

Chairman’s comments; All present agreed to future meetings to commence at 7.30pm.