Minutes 13 March 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at
Brockhampton Parish Hall on 13th March 2017

Members Present
Paul Scull (PS),  John Hudson (JH), Paul Stather-Hooper (PSH,) Christopher Allen (CA), Neil Parker (NP)

Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk
No members of the public

17/16 Apologies

17/17 Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

17/18 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
It was agreed that the minutes of 16/01/17 did not sufficiently record at 17/07c the views expressed with regard to the timing and the manner in which grit salt had been spread. There were also some typographical errors; 17/07b the word ‘not’ to be added, 17/09 ‘should’ to be replaced by ‘could’, 17/10b to be reworded.
Resolved: The minutes of 16/01/17 were not approved as drafted and should be rewritten to include the amendments noted and to be presented for approval at the next meeting.

17/19 Updates on Action Points from the Previous Minutes
Telephone Kiosk. BT has confirmed that it will not be possible to swap the existing kiosk for a traditional red one but that these are available to purchase from other sources. CA to investigate whether it is possible to retain the existing electrical connection if the current kiosk has been removed. JH suggested that the porch of the Parish Hall could be an alternative location for a defibrillator.

17/20 Report from Ward Cllr Barry Durkin
Cllr Durkin was not present at the meeting. His monthly ward report had been sent to members prior to the meeting.

17/21 Representations from the Public
No members of the public were present

17/22 Newsletter
Resolved: that a Newsletter working Group comprising PS, PSH, JH, NP and CA would meet on 04/04/17 at Brockhampton Court to agree the topic areas and production responsibilities. All material for inclusion to be provided to the Clerk for collation and editing.

17/23 Parish Meeting
The Chairman proposed that the Annual Parish Meeting would be held on the 08/05/17, immediately before the next scheduled Parish Council Meeting.

17/24 Works at Capler Veiw
It was noted that tree felling had been carried out to open up the view point. It was agreed that this has improved an important and much valued feature of the parish and PS thanked JH and Howard Coley for the work done.
Resolved: a letter of thanks to be sent to Howard Coley

17/25 Noticeboard
It was noted that the noticeboard had been damaged during a recent storm and that the remaining door had been removed to prevent further damage or injury. JH informed members that he is repairing the board and that there will be no charge for the labour. It was noted that previously it had been agreed to allocate £50.00 towards materials for the refurbishment of this board. PS thanked JH for his swift action in making the board safe and for the repairs.

17/26 Neighbourhood Development Plan and Parish Plan
Information from Karla Johnson that Brockhampton with Much Fawley will be included in the Rural Areas Development Plan Document (RA DPD), if no NDP is produced, was noted. The RA DPD will allocate sites for housing and possibly identify a Settlement Boundary only; it will not cover any other aspects that could be included in an NDP. The merits of producing an NDP and/or a Parish Plan were discussed.
Resolved: 4 in favour, 1 against, to proceed with an NDP.
Resolved: Not to produce a Parish Plan.

17/27 Litter-pick
The initiative by Keep Britain Tidy and the support available from Herefordshire Council was noted. It was agreed that litter was not considered to be a problem in the parish at the moment.
Resolved: not to organise a litter-pick at the current time.

17/28 Standing Orders
A draft had been sent to members earlier in the year.
Resolved: to remove the requirement for all proposals to be seconded and otherwise to adopt as drafted.

17/29 Highways and Footpaths
a. Report on Highways and PROW.
JH reported. Edge damage at Ladyridge remains unrepaired despite being reported several times. Clerk to check status of this defect with the Locality Steward and provide photos. JH to liaise with the Estate to ensure that footpaths across crops are sprayed off/cut/ploughed.
b. Works to be undertaken by the Lengthsman.
The village sign on the C1272 requires cleaning in addition to scheduled regular tasks..
c. Defects to be reported to BBLP
Edge damage at Ladyridge.

17/30 Finance
a. Current financial position.
It was noted that the bank balances as at the last available statements were
Current Acc (NatWest) £4,257.55
Deposit Acc (NatWest) £1.120.90
Current Acc (Co-Op) £500.00
Copies of the cashbook and a bank reconciliation were provided to members, approved and signed by the Chair.
b. Invoices and Payments
Resolved: to approve the payments in the Payments Schedule (see below)

17/31 Planning
a. Comments made by the Clerk under delegated powers.
P163842/F One proposed shepherds hut, to be used as ancillary family/guest accommodation and for paying guest holiday accommodation (b and b type). It was noted that the Clerk, having sought the views of members and the public (none received from the latter) had, under delegated powers, made a representation to Herefordshire Council that the Parish Council supported the application
b. Comments on new applications.
No new applications
c. Recent decisions by Herefordshire Council
No recent decisions

17/32 Correspondence
In addition to the correspondence forwarded previously the Clerk informed members of the invitation from Warwickshire and West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company to submit projects for their Community Payback Project.

17/33 Supporting Information

17/34 Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the next meeting would be held on 08/05/17

17/35 Items for the Next Agenda
• How to mark the contribution of the late Jeremy Clay to the parish

Payment Schedule

Brightwells, Capler view rent £5.00
HALC, Annual subscription £310.29
Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman £118.00
E. Parry-Jones, stationery £7.99