Minutes 12 September

Members Present Attending
Paul Scull (PS) John Hudson (JH) Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk
Paul Stather-Hooper (PSH) Christopher Allen (CA)

70/16 Apologies
Apologies were received from Neil Parker

71/16 Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

72/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meeting of 11th July 2016 as drafted subject to the correction of a typographical error at minute 62/16 to remove the words ‘in the’.

73/16 Updates on Action Points from the Previous Minutes
No updates.

74/16 Report from Ward Cllr Barry Durkin
Cllr Durkin was unable to attend the meeting. There was no monthly Ward report for August due to holidays.

75/16 Representations from the Public

76/16 Neighbourhood Development Plan
PS gave an overview of a report, prepared by NP, following a meeting with Neighbourhood Planning Officer Karla Johnson. It recommended interaction with other small parishes to learn from their experiences and to assess what level of involvement might be expected from parishioners. PS thanked NP for his work on this issue. Not all members had received the report, PS to forward a further copy to all.
Resolved: to follow recommendations in NP’s report and to consider at the next meeting

77/16 Newsletter
All material for inclusion in the next newsletter to be sent to the Clerk by 7th October
Resolved: to issue a further newsletter prior to the next meeting. Clerk to co-ordinate information and draft newsletter.

78/16 Noticeboards
Clerk to establish ownership of the notice board in the Parish Hall carpark and seek suitable site for its relocation to Much Fawley.
Resolved: to carry out maintenance to the noticeboard opposite the Church up to a cost of £50.00

79/16 Finance
a. It was noted that the cashbook showed the following balances as at 12/09/2016
NatWest Current Acc £1,861.13
NatWest Deposit Acc £1,120.71
Co-Op Current Acc £500.00
and that the bank statements showed the following balances:
NatWest Current Acc as at 30/08/2016 (the latest available statement) £1,861.13.
NatWest Deposit Acc as at 30/08/2016 (the latest available statement) £1,120.71.
Co-Op Current Acc £500.00
b. Draft Financial Plan & Budget 2017/18
A draft 3 year financial plan prepared by PS and PS-H was circulated. Clerk to confirm annual website hosting costs.
Resolved: All to consider the draft financial plan and budget 2017/18 and bring proposals to the next meeting for consideration
c. Payments
Resolved: to approve the payment listed in the Payments Schedule (see below)

80/16 Highways and Footpaths
a. Works to be undertaken by the Lengthsman
Resolved: ‘Welcome’ sign and picnic spot signs at Capler view point to be cleaned
b. P3 Scheme works
Correspondence had been received reporting a broken stile and a crop blocking a footpath.
Resolved: Waymarkers to be replaced as necessary. Defective stile at junction of footpath BKR6 and bridleway BKR4 to be reported. Landowners to be reminded that crops should be cleared on PROW.
c. Defects to be reported to BBLP.
Resolved: Clerk to report Fawley Chapel road – potholes at lower end. Clerk to investigate who owns and is responsible for the wooden fence/barrier at Capler view point

81/16 Planning
a. Comments on New Applications
No new applications
b. Decisions by Herefordshire Council
160724 Brockhampton Court Nursing Home. Proposed addition of new lift and entrance hall to each of 3 former nurses homes and change of use to three sheltered housing units. Permission granted
162092 The Furlongs. Refurbishment and extension of the existing dwelling and replacement of existing outbuildings to create workshop and studio space. Permission granted.

82/16 Standing Orders
It was noted that a new revision of the NALC Standing Orders template may be published soon.
Resolved: to consider this item at a future meeting when it has been clarified if a new NALC template is to be published.

83/16 Correspondence

84/16 Agenda Information Sheet
No additional information sheet for this meeting

85/16 Items for the Next Agenda
• Financial plan and budget 2017/18

Payment Schedule
Payments approved at the meeting 12th September 2016
Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman July and August       £236.00