Minutes 11th September 2017

Members Present
Paul Stather-Hooper (PSH) John Hudson (JH)
Neil Parker (NP) Christopher Allen (CA)
Barry Durkin (Ward Member)
Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk
1 member of the public

17/77 Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Paul Scull

17/78 Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

17/79 Minutes of the Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meetings of 8th May, 12thJune and 10thJuly 2017 as a drafted

17/80 Updates on Previous Action Points
Broadband – Cllr Durkin had been informed about the concerns regarding the lack of availability of clear information from Fastershire. Further information to be given in response to public representation at item 6
Code of Conduct – it was noted that since the decision at the last meeting not to adopt the revised Code the Clerk had gained more information about it and was now advising that the new Code should considered again for adoption. Training for members on the new Code is available.
Other items to be covered under agenda items.

17/81 Report for Ward Councillor
Ward Cllr Durkin spoke to his most recent monthly report had been sent to members prior to of the meeting.

17/82 Representations from the Public
A member of the public briefed members on the information he had gained regarding the high-speed broadband roll out to the parish. It was agreed that a greater volume of public demand voiced to Gigaclear would be helpful in getting the provision of high-speed connections throughout the parish.
Resolved: to encourage residents via a newsletter, the website and noticeboard to contact Gigaclear to demonstrate the level of demand and to contact Gigaclear to find out what else the Parish Council can do to get a high-speed service to the parish.

17/83 Defibrillator
PSH reported that had not identified any available funding for the provision of a defibrillator.
Resolved: PSH to seek information on the total cost of obtaining, installing and maintaining a defibrillator.

17/84 Highways and Footpaths
a. Report on Highways and PRoW
No new items to report.
b. Lengthsman Works
No additional works to the regular tasks
c. Defects to be Reported to BBLP
Pothole close to lower gate of Brockhampton Nursing Home
Edge damage opposite Ladyridge
d. Representation to the RoWIP
Resolved: to request an extension to the deadline and defer this item to the next meeting.

17/85 Finance
a. Current Financial Position
It was noted that cashbook showed a working balance as at the 31/08/17 of £6,092.66
The bank statements as at 30/06/17 showed the following balances:
Current Acc (NatWest) £4,519.69
Deposit Acc (NatWest) £1.120.97
Current Acc (Co-Op) £500.00
A bank reconciliation was provided to members
b. Items to be included in 2018/19 Budget
Resolved: the Finance Working Group should meet to draw up a draft 2018/19 budget for consideration at the next meeting.
c. Invoices and Payments
Resolved: to approve the payments in the Payments Schedule

17/86 Planning
a. Representations made under Clerk’s delegated powers
b. New Applications
c. Recent Decisions by Herefordshire Council

17/87 Correspondence
Correspondence had been forwarded prior to the meeting.

17/88 Supporting Information
All supporting information was noted

17/89 Items for the Next Agenda
The Lengthsman Scheme
Draft budget

Payments approved at the meeting 11th September 2017
Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman July & August £177.00
E Parry-Jones salary increment (Apr-June @ £2.83 pm) £5.66
E Parry-Jones expenses £7.99