Minutes 10th February 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 10th February 2020 At Brockhampton Village Hall.

Members Present Attending
Barry Durkin (BD) Chairman Clerk Linda Yapp
Christopher Allen (CA) Tim Gaunt ( TG) 6 Members of the Public

1), To Receive apologies for absence.
Apologies received from Cllr Bernard Morris.

2) ,To receive declaration of interest and dispensation.
None received.

3), To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 9th December 2019.
The minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record of proceedings.

4,) To receive Ward Councillors report
Cllr Durkin briefly outlined his ward report confirming the new direction of the
By Pass. The Marches LEP will start to claw back the funds initially in place
for the bypass project, and his involvement with Armed Forces Veterans.
Also covered was the ongoing problem with Broadband in the Parish and the water
Pollution of the Lugg phosphate issue putting County planning application on hold.

5) To receive representations from the public.
A member of the public has a number of points to discuss.The lack of knowledge
regarding broadband, also a large pot hole at the entrance of his drive and the
precept. These matters were addressed by B.D. who will contact broadband supplier.
The matter of the pot hole the Parish Council supported the Parishioner with
regards to contacting Hereford Council for repairs to the surface. As this is a defect
on the entrance to theresidents drive it is not a Hereford Council priority.
The question of why the precept had been increased,this was also addressed by
B.D. who explained the Parish Council very hoping to put several improvements
into place in the Parish and that the precept had not been increased for several
This hadbeen discussed and agreed at the Parish Council meeting in December prior
to the notices being posted on the 11th December and had remained in place
for several weeks.
Additional notice boards a village bus service and additional grit bins were suggested.
As part of the broadband problems being experienced T.G. suggest a box could
be purchased Inexpensively that would upgrade and also solve the problem.

6), Financial report-;Balances at Bank
a) Balance in Nat West Current account £6861.05
Balance in Nat West reserve account £1124.47
Balance at the Co-op Bank £500.00
A Bank reconciliation was circulated to members showing a balance of £7344.09
after payment are presented.
b)To discuss appropriateness of accounts.
It was agreed to close the Co-op Bank funds to be transferred to Nat West account
Clerk to attend to.

7), To consider planning application. None received

8), To discuss working groups,
a) PROW and footpaths, Mrs Gabriel Hanson-Smith will attend the next meeting and is
willing to take on the PROW and footpath duties.

b) Survey for additional needs. (Grit/Salt Bins Notice Boards)
B.D. and the Clerk will attend to.

9), Any Correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting.

10) Village Hall situation.
Mr Peter Clay confirmed the Village Hall Committee meeting would be at the end of March.
Clerk to confirm with Mrs Hudson, C.A. to attend as P.C. representative.

11) Parish Emergency Plan. (Adverse weather)
After discussion it was suggested and agreed that a list of contacts be made available
in case of emergency.

12) Service Bus
A Connecting bus service for the Parish to Ross on Wye would also be considered
B.D. had received costing. and this would be part of the Survey for additional needs.

13) Request for donation to upkeep of Church Grounds
An email had been received regarding a donation to the up keep of the Church
In Brockhampton. Unfortunately, law prohibits the Parish Council from doing so.
B.D. did explain that the Parish Council could however donate to an event being
held in the Church.

14), Invoices for payment listed below.
All invoiced were approved for payment a credit note to be requested from HALC
One web site to be removed from the register ( co.uk)

15) Annual Parish Meeting
The date of the Annual parish meeting to be discussed and confirmed at the next meeting.

16) Items for next meeting’s agenda .

The Village Hall
The Lengthsmans hourly rate and duties.
Needs Survey
Annual Parish Meeting

Payments to be approved

Jeremy Moore £236.00 Lengthsman Nov & Dec
L Yapp £252.34 Clerk salary
HALC £329.05 Nalc&Halc Subscriptions
HALC outstanding invoice £282.94 Web hosting&Halc&Nalc sub19/20
L Yapp consumables (inks paper postage) £41.10 (6 months)

Payments were approved and cheques signed BD. and CA.

BD thanked the members of the public for attending.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.