Minutes 7th December 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2021.docx
Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish

Minutes of Parish Council meeting held Virtually on Monday 7th December 2020 

Attending, Cllrs: Bernard Morris (BM Chairman) Christopher Allen (CA) 

Richard Garnet (RG) 

Cllr: Barry Durkin Clerk Linda Yapp 

Members of the public attending 3. 

1) To Receive apologies for absence. 

Apologies received from Cllr: Tim Gaunt. 

2) Confirmation of the minutes of the previous. meeting. 

The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 5th October 2020 were agreed as a true record of proceedings. 

3) To receive declaration of interest and dispensation. 

None were received. 

4) Update on needs survey. 

RG had produced a spread sheet with the suggested Parish improvement, 

Showing the number of Parishioners who approved or did not of the suggestions made. 

The most supported suggestion was the purchase of a Defibrillator for Brockhampton the location of siting this to be agreed. Also it was agreed that the Parish Council would allocate funds up to £1400.00 for the purchase of the unit. It was also agreed that additional funding form other sources in the Parish towards the purchase of the unit should be sought. 

Secondly the refurbishment of the Parish noticeboard was agreed by a good number of residents. D.Yates has been contracted to do the refurbishment. 

The suggested bus service, 11 residents were in favour of. This was discussed and members agreed that it would need a committed number of residents to make the financial outlay possible. C.A. advised that he would have additional staff shortly that would welcome a bus service. The Clerk has a costing from Nick Maddy Coaches 

Other items that had been marked that would improve the Parish were to have covered grit bins, this would hopefully help to stop litter being dumped in the bins also keeping the grit dry. 2 

A telephone tree system as a Parish Emergency plan, the bench at Caplor view point would benefit from attention, additional Lengthsman duties, it was suggested a meeting with the Lengthsman would be beneficial when possible. 

Regarding additional information the input to the website a newsletter and the reporting of road defects were also noted. There was not much interest in a paper newsletter electronic was preferred. Ian Brough had made an offer of hosting the Website Domain. 

The road defect mentioned were Hereford Council responsibility. These could be reported directly to BBLP. 

The Clerk will put the BBLP (Hereford Council) contact details on the website and noticeboard to enable residents to report items in need of attention directly. 

The security of the Parish was also addressed and the purchase of Smart Water to be considered. 

The Clerk will contact Ali Thompson again also the Crime Prevention Officer. Regarding the costing pf the smart water. 

5) To receive Ward Councillors report. 

None received due to illness. 

6) To receive Report from PFO 

Brigadier R Walker (RW) has circulated a comprehensive report and has also been in contact with BBLP regarding several issues. The damaged stile (BKR6) in need of replacement. BBLP to be approached to supply the materials Mark Wood would organise the labour. Clerk to contact BBLP re the materials. 

7) To receive representation from the public. 

A resident had contacted the Clerk regarding the unofficial roadside furniture. This being obstacles put on grass verges in the Village to prevent motorist from mounting the grass verges that bordered or belonged to the property. 

The Clerk will ask for advise on the legalities of these obstacles being used. 

Also a number of residents have concerns at the speed of vehicles passing through the Village. This has become more apparent with the closure f the B4224. Advice again to be sort from BBLP regarding signage to alert vehicles to reduce their speed. 

8) These are circulated to members prior to the meeting 

a) Balances at Bank , total funds available £7682.70 

b) Expense against budget summary with just this month and February payment to be made all areas remain within budget. 

c) Forth coming years budget considerations for Precept request had been 

circulated and discussed. The sum of £3600.00 had been calculated. 

It was agreed that this would again be discussed at the February meeting to allow 

for total cost of the Defibrillator package. 

Note Hereford Council have extended the precept submission date to 

28th February 2021. 3 

9) To consider any planning applications. 

a) Application 203189 NR & SL Green, Much Fawley Farm, Chapel Road, Fawley 

Provision of a digestate store. Members supported this application. 

b) Application 203612 Ms S Parry, 6 Ladyridge, Brockhampton. 

Proposed first floor extension to existing building. 

Members supported this application. 

  1. d) For discussion, Hereford Council Rural Areas Site Allocation Development. 

After a brief discussion as there is no Neighbour Hood Development plan in place for Brockhampton and Much Fawley. It was suggested that enquiries could be made with regard achieving this. BM advised that it was a long work intensive and expensive venture and that funding was no longer available from Hereford Council. Sam Banks would be the contact at Hereford Council for further information. 

The clerk to look into whether a previous NDP had been started by former members 

Also contacting Sam Banks for further guidance. 

10) All Correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting. 

11) Report from Parish Hall Liaison group. 

CA reported that progress was being made on the Parish Hall but not at any great 

speed. Advice had been given to contact Community’s First to put a plan together for 

the entire works needed. 

12) Invoices for payment. 

Lengthsman £118.00 

Clerk’s salary £327.00, Payments were agreed and seconded, by RG and CA. 

13) Items for next meeting’s agenda. 

Finalise the precept request, 


Defibrillator progress 

Roadside Obstacles update. 

Speed in the Village. 

The chairman thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.