Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 30th May 2022

Annual Meeting Parish Council Minutes May 30th 2022

Minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2022

Minutes of 9th August meeting 2021Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5th August 2019 At Brockhampton Village Hall 

Present  Cllrs: Barry Durkin, Christopher Allen, Paul Stather- Hooper and Bernard Morris

One member of the public attended.

Clerk Linda Yapp

1, To Receive apologies.   Apologies were received from Cllr Tim Gaunt

2 , To Appoint a new Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Cllr Barry Durkin was proposed and seconded as Chairman of the Parish Council

Vice chairman was not elected at this time referred to October meeting.

3  Co-option  of member onto the Parish Council

Bernard Morris was Co-opted on to the Parish Council,

4,  Declarations of interest.

No declaration of interest or dispensation were received

5,  To appoint a new clerk

Mrs Linda Yapp was appointed as the new clerk. The Bank to be advised of this appointment.

6, To approve the minutes of the meeting held on the 11th March 2019

The minutes of a previous councils meeting held on the 11th March were agreed as a true record

and signed by the present and former chairman.

7, To receive representations from the public.

Mr Richard Garnett reported his concerns on what he had observed as major works being carried

out at Fawley Court and enquired if a planning application for change of use had been requested.

No application was on record members agreed with Mr Garnett’s concerns

The clerk will write to the planning officer to make enquiries.

8, To receive Ward Councillors report.

Cllr Durkin gave a brief outline on the main points of his report.

These being; John Campions Tough on Crime item, County Lines the £1 bike hire initiative in

Hereford Town also that Hereford Council had the second best record for supporting children

with high needs.

9, Financial report-;

  1. The clerk reported on the financial situation with the balances at the Nat West and Co-Op Banks.

Discussion was entered into as to how to stream line the bank accounts, recommended this be

an item for the finance group along with adding signatories to the mandate. (BD & TG)

Balances recorded ;  Nat West Current Account £5465.39 reserve Account £1121.85

and co-op Bank £500.

10, To consider planning applications   (None received) Clerk and Chairman to make enquiries

With the planning officer regarding Fawley Hall and any change of use intended.


11, To discuss working groups,

a,  PROW and footpaths ; Cllr Christopher Allen will contact Gabriel Hudson Smith regarding

her previous role as PROW officer asking if she would be happy to continue in the role.

b, The  Finance Group Cllrs Barry Durkin , Bernard Morris and Tim Gaunt .

c,   Planning Group to be discussed at October meeting.

  1. Village Hall representative

Enquiries to be made regarding the current committee and trustees, this will be discussed

further at the October meeting.

12, Bills for payment.

Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman               £354.00             Mar/Apl/May/June

ICO                                                      £40.00              Subscription

P Partridge                                          £50.00               2017/2018 internal audit

Game & Co                                          £218.00            Annual Insurance fee

Linda Yapp                                          £245.00            Stand in clerk

(9 weeks @ 3hrs pw @ £9.075) includes exps

Cheques were signed by Cllrs Christopher Allen and Paul Stather- Hooper

Copy of the Lengthsmans duties to be circulated to members.

Agenda items for October meeting;

To finalise working groups;

Address the Village Hall representative for the Village Hall Committee .

Cllr Barry Durkin thanked the clerk for her supporting role to enable the Parish Council to

be resurrected and now function.

The meeting was closed at 8.45