Broadband in the Parish

Airband are taking orders for premises within Brockhampton with Much Fawley. Please do not forget to register your interest to Airband. Continuing good news I am sure you will agree.

Budget and Precept Proposal for consultation

Copy of MwMFPC budget to complete BD_LY_BD_Rev4 Year 19/20 19/20 20/21 Notes Finance: income, bank and expenditure 19/20 Budget Projected Year End19/20 Draft budget 20/21 Income Annual Precept £3,600.00 £3,600.00 £3,900.00 Transfer from bank reserves £0.00 £0.00 £2,501.00 Transfer to address budget defecit Total Income £3,600.00 £3,600.00 £6,401.00 Expenditure Clerk’s Salary £1,910.00 £1,110.00 £1,716.00 Salary …

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