Parish Councillors are summoned to a the Meeting of the Parish Council
at Brockhampton Parish Hall on Monday 24th September 2018 at 7.30pm

1. To elect a Chairperson
2. To elect a Vice-chairperson
3. To receive apologies for absence
4. To receive declarations of interest and consider requests for dispensations
5. To approve the minutes of the meetings 23rd July 2018
6. To receive an update on any Action Points from previous meetings 
7. To receive an update from Ward Councillor Barry Durkin
8. To receive any other representations from the public
9. To consider the quotations for electrical work for the installation of a defibrillator 
10. To adopt documents and procedures for compliance with data protection legislation 
11. To appoint a representative to the Parish Council Summit, 17th October 2018
12. To adopt documents for compliance with data protection legislation 
13. Finance
a. To note the current financial position 
b. To consider outstanding invoices and approve payments (see schedule below) 
c. To note any payments since the last meeting
14. Highways and footpath
d. To agree a representation to Herefordshire Council’s consultation on the Highways and Public Realm Services consultation 
e. To receive a report on highways and PROW
f. To note the new Lengthsman and P3 Scheme Guidance 
g. To note the new Herefordshire Council pothole reporting App 
h. To agree any additional Lengthsman or P3 Scheme works
i. To note any defects to be reported to Balfour Beatty
15. Planning
j. To agree comments to be made to Herefordshire Council on any new applications
k. To note any recent decisions by Herefordshire Council
16. To consider any correspondence
17. To note the contents of the agenda supporting information
18. To raise items for the next agenda

Signed E. Parry-Jones
Clerk to the Parish Council

Payments to be approved at the meeting 24th September 2018
Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman (Jul & Aug) £118.00