Agenda for virtual meeting 27th April

1), To Receive apologies for absence.

2) , To receive declaration of interest and dispensation.

3), To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 21st October 2019

4) To Elect a Vice Chairman

5,) To receive representations from the public.

6), To receive Ward Councillors report.

7), Financial report-;
a) Balances at bank
b) Precept request to be discussed and agreed for 2020-2021

8), To consider planning application. ( at an adjacent Parish)
193426, Caplor Farmhouse, Fownhope.
The replacement of 2 existing unauthorised windows and retention of existing
utility room extension.

9) Co-option of Parish Councillor

10), To discuss working groups,
a) PROW and footpaths,

11), Any Correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting.

12), Village Hall Business Parish Council / Community Involvement.

13) GDPR

14), Invoices for payment listed below.

William Dereham £105.00 IT correction
Eyelids Product £30.00 Web Site input
Jeremy Moore £59.00 Lengthsman
L Yapp £252.34 Clerk salary

15) Items for next meeting’s agenda