Parish Councillors are summoned to the Meeting of the Parish Council at Brockhampton Parish Hall on Monday 21st October 2019 at 8.00pm


1, To Receive apologies for absence.

2 , To receive declaration of interest and dispensation.

3, To approve the minutes of a previous meeting held on the 5th August 2019.

4, To receive representations from the public.

5, To receive Ward Councillors report.

6, Financial report-;

  1. Balances at the Nat West and co-operative
  2. To discuss any other financial matters.

7  To consider planning applications   (None received)

8, To discuss   working groups,

  1. a) PROW and footpaths,

9   Any Correspondence received (None to date)

10   GDPR Review.

11 Invoices for payment listed below.

Jeremy Moore, Lengthsman                                        £ 236..00  3months

HALC                                                                           £ 292.94   2 invoices

Mrs L Yapp Sal incl rate adjustment                            £ 347.00   From Aug

Brockhampton Church Donation                                 £300..00   2018/19

12  Report from Parish Council Summit reference to slide 29 and pc experiences

13 Items for next meeting’s agenda.

The agenda for the next meeting will be posted here three days before the meeting date.