Agenda for Meeting 8th June 2020

To Parish Councillors are summoned to a Virtual meeting of the Parish Council Monday 8th June 11.30am


1), To Receive apologies for absence.

2) , To receive declaration of interest and dispensation.

3), To approve the minutes of the previous Virtual meeting held on the 27th April 2020

4) a) To elect a

b) To elect a Vice Chairman

5,) To receive representations from the public.

6), To receive Ward Councillors report.

7), To receive Financial report-;

a) Balances at bank

8),  To consider any  planning application.

Mr G Williams, Caplor Farm application 204158 Proposed siting of 4 holiday chalets.

9), Any Correspondence received are forwarded prior to the meeting.

10), Village Hall Business       Parish Council / Community Involvement.

11)  Finalise need survey.

12), Invoices for payment listed below.

13) Clerk Salary reviewed.

14 ) Items for next meeting’s agenda.

Payment to;
J Moore Length’sman £236.00 3 months Feb Apl & May
ICO Subscription £40.00 P.A.
Mrs L Yapp Salary April £159.75
Mrs L Yapp Salary Adjustment. £242.76 back pay rate review Holiday pay
Brockhampton Church £150.00 2020 donation

Clerk Mrs L Yapp      01989 740240