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Parish Councillors are summoned to the Meeting of the Parish Council at Brockhampton Parish Hall on Monday 20th April 2020 at 7.30pm

Agendas will be posted on notice boards and this website,

Minutes will be posted within one month of the previous meeting.


Future Broadband in the Parish.  At the public meeting on Fastershire held at the village hall on Wednesday 25th September 2019 there was a promise by Airband to listen to the community of Brockhampton with Much Fawley and to carry out a review on how the broadband would be provided to the parish.  I am able to report that this review has been completed and the necessary work will be commenced in early January 2020.  Please do not forget to register your interest to Airband.  Good news I am sure you will agree.

How to contact our parish clerk.  For more details get in touch

Precept level and Budget 2020/21.  A draft budget and precept level will be considered at the meeting in December 2019, details will be provided here when available.  If you would like to make any comment please get in touch or come to the next meeting.

Annual Accounts and Governance.  The Annual Governance and Accounting Statements have been completed and are available for inspection.  See here for details.

Welcome to the Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish Council website.

The Parish Council is the local level of government and is here to represent the views of all those living and working in the parishes of Brockhampton and Much Fawley.

The Parish Council is made up of five elected members. (Click here to see who’s who)

The Parish Council has six scheduled meetings throughout the year which are held at the Parish Hall in Brockhampton.

The public are welcome to attend the meetings and there will always be an opportunity at each meeting for residents to raise any local matters of concern with the members.

To get in touch with the Parish Council please contact the Clerk, Mrs Linda Yapp, The Bungalow, How Caple, Hereford, HR1 4TE    Tel 01989 740240.